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This week featuring ... Madam Shariffa

Madam Shariffa is one of our oldest serving educators at our school. She is passionate about the Grade Rs, getting them when they have no language and teaching them the basics of Sign Language.


She is constantly busy with activities and basic life skills, the grade Rs and grade 0 love her to bits.


We are sadly going to misss madam Shariffa when she leaves the school in July 2011. Not only would it be difficult to replace her, but her annual gr, R graduations will be truly missed.


Thank you Madam Shariffam for all your hard work.



Keep it up, MCK

To feature your learners and educators the way you do, is a really great way to inform me about your school.  MCK takes on a personality by your doing this and it would be nice to keep up this good work!


Johan Bester