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MCK as it is fondly called, focusses on vocational training for the learners who have barriers to learning. Learners acquire multiple skills needed to become independent, educated, employed, self actializing, participating and contributing citizens of the community and society.


Vocationatl training offers learners the following

*   Employment oppotunities and equality in the workplace

*   Empower the Deaf learner to face challenges in the open market

*   Allow learners to open up a small business and become self sufficient

*   Allos us a school to look for oppotunities for work experience and learners to get an understanding

     real-life expectations.


Skills offered at MCk Workshop Equipment Needed Financial Resources Needed Human Resources Needed


2 basins mounted

2 mounted hairdryers

1 hand dryer


6 Hairdressing chairs and mirrors sets


Towels, Combs, Brushes, shampoos and conditioners.

Estimated costs:

R30 000.00.


The aim is to have our centre accredited so that we are compliant with the Seta Regulations and able to apply for Seta Accreditation.

Currently the school funds the salary of a School governing Body employee, the costs being R3500 per month. This lady comes in weekly to teach the learners Haircare and cosmotology.


Woodwork Machinery and Equipment.


Drill Press



Dust Extractor


Wood and wwod-offcuts

Estimated costs:

R20 000.00. (Centre)


The aim is to have our centre accredited so that we are compliant with the Seta Regulations and able to apply for Seta Accreditation.


Estmated costs for salary:

R70 000.(Annual salary)

(For the employment of a qualified cabinet-maker)


We requets the services of a skilled Woodwork/ Metal work artisan that we are able to employ to train the learners.

Currently the department is not giving us sufficient staff.


The other vocational skills that are offered at MCK is Cooking Skills and Metal-work. For these skills the workshops are fully compliant. Metalwork is already an accredited subject.


MCK would be extremely appreciative for whatever form of assistance that can be provided.


The school also has acquired NPO status and therefore is able to provide a copy of the certificate.


We thank you for your willingness to support our school and be part of this endeavour. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school immediately:


M. Batchelor : 083 674 4196 / 082 561 6691 (Principal)

K. Vitee: 0760840425

J. Pather: 083 553 3250




Skills are natural but not transparent.

Some learners may have curriculum learning barries but they have skills in hand workind, designs, etc so its good to dig those skill out of them because one cannot realise one's talent or skills if they dont dig and find out what the learner does better than reading or writting.