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MERSETA, a skills generating body, along with SHEETECH, a sheet metal processing company has awarded 16 learners the opportunity to participate in a project that will award them with a NQF level 2 certificate. These learners were chosen from various backgrounds, however they share one major similarity. These learners would, under average circumstances, not have been able to access a national qualification as reading and writing is their main barrier to learning. MERSETA acknowledges the knowledge that these learners have gained through, primarily, practiucal activities. Upon completion of the SHEETECH/MERSETA course these learners will be able to gain placement into the mainstream sheet metal sector as well as have an opportunity for their qualifications to be recognised nationally as the course is placed within the National Qualifications Framework. The course will be driven by three teachers, Mr. K. Vitee, Mr. D. Sambo and Mr. W. Sixaba. We wish them all goodluck and know that they will be successful in this project.