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Wow, what a tremendous start to our new year. This year MCK has 306 learners, more than we have ever had before. Our school can only accommodate 180 learners. This year we are bursting at the seams, with 144 Deaf learners and 162 Learning Disabled learners.


We are quite excited as it it the pilot year when our boys in the Metal-work programme are going out to get workplace experience. These boys will have completed their NQF Level 2 and completed their practical training in the companies.


Watch this space for more information and photos of these amabassadors.


We are desperately looking for Hairdressing equipment and materials. We truly want to furnish our cosmotology class with all the necessary equipment and allow the girls, and one boy, to become marketable in the workplace. But more about that as we go along.


The best yet, we at MCK have started our very 1st Grade 10 FET Deaf learners (Further Education and Training) class. We are quite excited as these Deaf learners will be doing exactly the same work as their hearing counterparts. We are keeping thumbs up for them and making sure that they are working very hard.


Please watch this space for more exciting developments at our school.